My First Post on 2015….Yeay


Hi all, this is my first posting in 2015, Thankyou wordpress for nice annual report. It pushes me to write and take a look my website again :p. And in the first posting of 2015, I chose to post about Love among all themes haha… I took it from here. Please enjoy 🙂

I think a lot about love.

Many of us have this dream, unrealistic dream of how things are supposed to work, one day we will all be promised that special someone, right? One day, you will be galloping in the wind, thinking about nothing but lilies and Mr. Right will see you, fall in love and bam, happy ever after.  We have placed so much into finding THE ONE and love, or what we think love is; Love to me is acceptance, the complete acceptance of one another through thick and thin, fatness and health, poverty and wealth, donuts and kale, etc. Love is the act of accomplishing goals together, living with one cohesive goal while supporting each other’s goal.

But what do I know about love? Nothing, I have never been in love but have only imagined it. Sometimes I feel as though I have never experienced love but that would be a lie because I have experienced the most ultimate love, the greatest love. The love our creator has for his creation.

I am not trying to compare the love our creator has for us and the love we want to experience with another individual. There is no comparison.  And I am not trying to get all holy BUT we have been masked with our wants for a “Pride and Prejudice”/”Notebook”/ sickening love dream that we forget about the one who loves us most.

The one who feeds you but is not fed. The one who forgives you even in times forgiveness seems impossible. The one who made sure you woke this morning to complete another day. The one who gives you chance after chance, not ever holding that against you. The one who accepts you, no conditions necessary; the one who created you, the one who brought about your existence with only hope for you to do good. The best of listeners and the one who listens when no one listens, the one who answers when no one answers. The one who protects you even when you don’t know you need protection; the one who loves you and made you with purpose, a purpose of bringing light to those around you. The one who is there when no one is there.

There is someone for everyone, but sometimes we have to wait, we just haven’t experienced the opportunity of meeting him. Sometimes we have to experience and realize the ultimate love that God has for us in order to truly fall in love with someone. Sometimes we must experience real love to experience love at all.

Love is not the goal, we were born to be loved by the most loving, Al-Wadud.


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kalo ada yang bilang, cintaku tanpa syarat. huah, saya tak setuju. cinta itu harusnya ada syaratnya.. hehe.. semacam syaratnya ummu sulaim pada abu thalhah, “islammu, itulah maharku!” kalo ada yang bilang, cinta itu gak harus ada sebab. karena, kalo sebabnya hilang maka akan hilang pula cintanya. huah, saya tak setuju pula. cinta itu harusnya ada sebabnya: Allah. karena Allah tak pernah hilang, maka akankah cinta yang sebabnya Dia bisa hilang? se … Read More

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